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Columbia Union Revolving Fund

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Are you looking for a way to do ministry differently while growing wealth and working toward your savings goals? The Columbia Union Revolving Fund (CURF) uses money invested by Adventist members and entities in the Columbia Union to provide loans to Columbia Union institutions who use that money to grow their ministry.


At CURF we appreciate every single one of our Noteholders who are using their resources to support the ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Columbia Union. Our mission is to make managing your CURF Notes simple, easy, and fast, so you can continue with your day while your wealth and ministry in the Columbia Union continue to grow. Find everything you need to invest in and manage your Notes right here.

Benefit Statement for Noteholders

Becoming a Noteholder by investing in CURF is a unique way to support Adventist ministries in the Columbia Union. Many Noteholders who have invested in CURF have used the money earned to:

  • Build an Emergency Fund
  • Grow Their Savings
  • Save for College
  • Pay for a Wedding
  • Purchase a New Vehicle
  • Buy a New Home
  • Renovate Their Home
  • Save for a Vacation
  • Save for a New Business

How it Works

Invest in CURF*

Fill out the Request More Information on Becoming a Noteholder form to have the CURF Offering Circular and Noteholder Subscription Agreement sent to you by email or mail.

Once you receive the Offering Circular and Noteholder Subscription Agreement, read the Offering Circular in full, and

If you are an Adventist member of the Columbia Union, fill out, sign, copy, and mail* your Subscription Agreement with a check for the amount you want to invest ($100 minimum) to:

Columbia Union Revolving Fund
5427 Twin Knolls Road
Columbia, MD 21045

If you are an Adventist entity of the Columbia Union, fill out, sign, copy, and mail* your Subscription Agreement with a check for the amount you want to invest ($100 minimum) and a copy of your entity board minutes showing board approval to make this investment to:

Columbia Union Revolving Fund
5427 Twin Knolls Road
Columbia, MD 21045

*To protect your security and privacy, we do not accept completed Subscription Agreements through email.

Once CURF receives your completed and executed Subscription Agreement and initial investment, your Noteholder account will be opened and you will begin receiving account status Statements quarterly. Your account will start earning interest and you are now able to add or withdraw funds from your account. Statements will be issued quarterly and when additional investments or withdrawals are made. The Application Process usually takes 2-3 days once received.

*CURF’s offer to sell our Notes is made solely by CURF's Offering Circular. No one should consider any investment in CURF other than after careful review of the Offering Circular.

Request more information on becoming a Noteholder today!

Enter your information to have the CURF Offering Circular and Noteholder Subscription Agreement emailed or mailed to you.

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Member or Entity This field is required.

(Note: Notes are available only to qualified offerees, those being church members and entities in the Columbia Union.)

Electronic or Printed Version? This field is required.
*By selecting to receive the electronic version option, I certify that I have read the information concerning the “Electronic Delivery of Offering Documents” (below) and consent to the electronic delivery of the Offering Circular and Subscription Agreement.

Any information CURF collects from you will be used only in accordance with CURF’s Privacy Policy.

Electronic Delivery of Offering Documents

If you would like to access the Note Offering Documents, including receiving your Quarterly Statements, online rather than receive a copy in the mail, you must provide your informed consent to receive electronic delivery by reviewing the following “Consent to Receive Electronic Offering Documents” and check the “I ACCEPT” box that follows:


Please carefully review this Consent to Receive Electronic Offering Documents (“Consent”). If you have reviewed the terms herein and consent to receive our Offering Documents electronically, please click the “I ACCEPT” box where prompted below.

Why CURF is asking for your consent? We desire to use e-mail or other electronic communication, including via our website, to communicate with you during our Note Offering, primarily to send you the Offering Documents related to our Note Offering. The “Offering Documents” consist of the Offering Circular describing the Note Offering, the Subscription Agreement allowing you to complete your purchase of the promissory notes, and Quarterly Statements detailing your account with us. If you prefer to receive the Offering Documents electronically, then we will send them to you via email or on our website. We will provide advance notice to you when we do so. In order to provide the Offering Documents electronically, we must first obtain your informed consent to using e-mail for this purpose and providing the Offering Circular on our website. These provisions that follow will provide you the necessary information to evaluate whether you should grant your consent and the means to grant your consent should you elect to do so. You should retain a copy of all electronic documents we provide to you, including this Consent, for your future reference.

Your consent is optional, and you may still participate in the Note Offering and receive paper copies of the Offering Documents if you withhold your consent. If you want to receive the Offering Documents electronically, then check “I ACCEPT” box where prompted on our website. You will be giving us your informed consent and agreeing to receive the Offering Documents by e-mail and agreeing to receive the Offering Circular on our website. You must provide us with an accurate e-mail address and contact information and update CURF promptly of any changes in this information by contacting us at or 410.715.0328. Also, we are required to notify you that there may be costs associated with the use of email and visiting our website such as your costs associated with your internet access or online time. CURF will not impose any additional charges for proving the Offering Documents electronically.

What documents will you receive electronically? You will receive all documents related to the Note Offering by email or on our website, including, the Offering Circular and its related exhibits and other attachments, the Subscription Agreement, and your Quarterly Statements. We may, in our sole discretion, provide you with any document on paper, even if you have authorized e-mail delivery. There may be situations where CURF is required to provide you, and you are required to provide CURF, written notice. Those situations are explained in the Offering Circular. In those situations, notice must continue to be made by regular mail – not by e-mail.

To receive the Offering Documents electronically, you will need an e-mail account, access to a computer with an operating system and internet access capable of sending and receiving e-mails and downloading files delivered through the internet. All electronic documents you receive will be delivered as a portable data format file (.pdf) attached to an e-mail sent to you or posted to our website. To access and view .pdf attachments, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you can download the necessary software free at any time at . You agree to notify us immediately if you receive any document or information that appears to be in error or not intended for you.

Withdrawing your consent. You may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us at or 410.715.0328. Your consent will continue indefinitely until you withdraw your consent. Your withdrawal will be effective on our next correspondence to you.

Security and privacy information. As with any form of communication, there is a risk of mis-delivery or interception with e-mail. You should not include any sensitive, personal or other private information in any e-mail communication you send to CURF. To that end, subscribers should NOT send Subscription Agreements to us via e-mail. Please refer to our website for instructions on how to send us your completed Subscription Agreement. CURF’s privacy policy applies to any information we receive from you. You can view our privacy policy at

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Legal Disclaimers

CURF is a non-profit organization. Our Notes are not bank savings deposits and are not guaranteed by, insured or otherwise regulated by the FDIC or any other governmental agency.

This website does not constitute an offer to sell, nor a solicitation of an offer to buy, an investment nor a recommendation of any investment or any other product or service by CURF regardless of whether such investment, product or service is referenced in this website. CURF will offer and sell its securities only in states where authorized by law to do so. CURF’s offer to sell investments or securities is made solely by CURF's Offering Circular. No one should consider any investment in CURF other than after careful review of the Offering Circular, including pages 6 thru 11 of the Offering Circular which contain “Risk Factors” to consider before purchasing any Notes. The benefits of becoming a Noteholder referenced above may not materialize or may be lesser in scope or degree due to the presence of such Risk Factors. Investors are ultimately responsible for determining the course of action for emergency funds, savings, or any of the other benefits referenced above.

The material on this website has been prepared for informational purposes only without regard to any particular Noteholder's investment objectives or financial situation. The fact that CURF has made this website available to you constitutes neither a recommendation to enter into a particular transaction nor a representation that any investment described on this website is suitable or appropriate for you.

CURF is not a regulated investment advisor or broker-dealer. CURF is not acting as a fiduciary or in the best interests of any Noteholder or performing an assessment of whether an investment in CURF’s Notes is suitable for you, as would be required by regulated financial professionals such as investment advisors or broker-dealers.

CURF does not offer tax advice. You should consult your own tax advisor concerning the tax considerations associated with an investment in the Notes. Tax advantaged investments are widely available and may exist for education or other savings purposes.

Note: The clarity of text in the document you download may be affected by the size of the screen on which it is displayed.