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Columbia Union Revolving Fund

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All CURF Loans

Is your ministry looking to make a purchase, do some renovations, or make repairs, but does not have the money to fully make your ministry dreams come true? CURF is here to help. The Columbia Union Revolving Fund (CURF) lends money to Adventist churches, schools, and other eligible institutions in the Columbia Union for use in growing ministry

Entity Loan

Is your ministry ready for a new building or property, needs some renovations or new equipment? CURF is here to help. Churches and eligible non-education entities in the Columbia Union can borrow an Entity Loan up to 65% of total project cost, or average annual tithe income for the past 3 years.


Institutional Loan

Do you have dreams of growing your educational institution's ministry but lack funds? CURF is here to help. Eligible educational institutions affiliated with the Columbia Union can borrow an Institutional Loan up to 50% of project costs, and 100% of the loan up front when put in the Conference's name.

Vehicle Loan

Does your ministry want to purchase a new vehicle such as a van to pick-up church members on Sabbath morning, or for transporting meals to those in need? CURF is here to help. Eligible Adventist ministries in the Columbia Union can borrow a vehicle loan at comparable rates for repayment within 5 years.

Benefit Statement for Borrowers

Borrowers have used CURF loans to continue their ministry through

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  • Acquiring Church Vans
  • Building New Schools
  • Buying New Property
  • Obtaining New Equipment
  • Renovating Parsonages
  • Purchasing Computers
  • Renovating Buildings
  • Expanding Churches
  • Refinance Projects

Get Started

Entities interested in getting a CURF loan and becoming borrowers must apply through their local conference. See our Full Approval Process to learn more about next steps, or complete the below form to notify your local conference office to get the process started.

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The Approval Process

You must work with your conference to obtain a CURF loan. Learn about the loan approval process.

Interest Rates & Loan Payments

Once you start drawing or receive the full amount of your loan, you will start accruing interest. Learn about interest and loan repayment.

Things to Know Prior to Approval

Get a head start on your loan approval process by learning the top things to know prior to approving a loan application.