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Columbia Union Revolving Fund

Finance your gospel mission with

Columbia Union Revolving Fund

Our offerings

Become a Noteholder

by investing in CURF and support Adventist ministries in the Columbia Union territory.

Manage Your CURF Notes

Obtain a Loan

to purchase, renovate or do repairs and make your ministry's dreams come true.

Manage Your Loan

Conference Involvement

provides detailed information on the loan processes.

Manage Your Loan

How it works

Why finance your ministry with CURF?

CURF helps more than 300 Adventist entities in the Columbia Union grow their ministry every year.

CURF partners with established advisors to manage your investment.

We look at current market interest rates and price our rates competitively.

CURF is affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist denomination and all CURF employees are Adventist.

The CURF application process is faster than that of banks or lenders.

CURF works with you to understand your needs and help make your ministry dreams reality.

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Approximate Growth From

Columbia Union Revolving Fund

  • $136,000,000 in loans supplied to ministries
  • 1,300 Adventist Church members and entities invested with CURF
  • 285 Adventist entities currently assisted in their ministry